Jonathan Lindgren
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi Redmi 5


I had the pleasure of being 3D Lead with the immensely talent-packed team at Yambo Studios. Being the third collaboration with Xiaomi, this was our second video in the Redmi-series. Presenting the new Redmi Note 5 in a world of neon, palms and beautiful landscapes.

Client: XIAOMI | China
CGI Production: Yambo Studio
Directors: Yambo, Tal Baltuch
Creative Direction: Yambo, Tal Baltuch, Mariusz Becker
Lead 3D: Jonathan Lindgren
3D Animation: Jonathan Lindgren, Scott Geersen, Yambo
Additional Animation: Jeff Briant, Drew Nelson
Shading: Mariusz Becker, Yambo
Landscapes: Scott Geersen, Ezequiel Grand
Simulations: Yaniv Goralli, Ezequiel Grand
Phone Modeling: Chris Schofield, Nick Zieroff
Compositing & Colors: Tal Baltuch
Typography Design & Animation: Tal Baltuch
Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown
Mixing & Mastering: Liam Iliffe & Luke Brown
Producer: Katie Chen